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Arvin Mitchell was featured on television just 2 years after breaking into stand-up comedy. He has worked with Kevin Hart and was on the BET Awards show. Kim Coles from  Living Single refers to him as a Joke Technician. Arvin strives to make jokes about the human experience. There are so many dynamics and elements of human life, and he relates to the common-man experience. He likes to elaborate about certain subjects that everybody can relate to and sheds light on observational humor. He also does impressions and even has an act for families based on his home life and grandfather.

Spreading Laughter Everywhere

Arvin loves to see people laugh, especially those who normally don't. He believes laughter is the best medicine, with the power to help heal people. He has performed comedy shows in alternative schools and found a way to make these children laugh. Arvin truly enjoys bringing a smile to the people's faces that have been through difficult times or seen a lot. It's an amazing feeling.

Man Laughing